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Producer Mixer Engineer

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This bad boy's about to get some upgrade love via some parts ordered from Vintage Vibe.

A shield for the reed bar (goodbye hum!) and a variable rate/depth tremolo mod. Can't wait 

PSA: Shellshock OSX Security update:

Apple released a security update for the new Shellshock vulnerability. This is a small but very important update. With shellshock a hacker can run programs in the Linux shell of OSX without you even knowing it. Widely considered to be one of the more heinous security problems for Mac security to come around in a while. Here's the link for the update. It only takes a few seconds to install. No reboot required.

Sweet EQ…

This sounds as good as it looks. Been using almost nothing but this on my last couple of mixes and it sounds great. The adjustable slope on the bell curves is something I've never seen before and is unbelievably useful, especially on guitars. Kudos to the guys over at FabFilter.

Check out the demo video here…

FabFilter Pro Q2

The Weeks "Buttons" video (w/ an appearance by yours truly)

I went down to Nashville last year to record a single for The Weeks. There were cameras rolling and somehow this guy that looks remarkably like myself shows up in the resulting video. You can hear him talking at the top and he appears in the video most prominently around the 2:37 mark.

A great song by a bunch of great guys. Check it out:

 Music video by The Weeks performing Buttons. (C) 2014 Serpents & Snakes Records

Blast From the Past…

Cableguys Filter Shaper

Just got this form the great people over at Cableguys. One of the most versatile filter plugins I've ever used; two filters - series or parallel, with LFO and envelope follower modulations (and cross-modulation) for days.

Way cool. Check out the website over here.

Western Dynamo 19-09

Did some mixes with my buddy Andrew Weiss (Rollins Band, Butthole Surfers, Ween) for a forthcoming Modest Mouse project. Most of the tracks were recorded by John McEntire so mixing was quite easy. I patched this thing across the snare track to check it out and it stayed there the whole session; a rarity for me because I'm always changing my snare drum compressor from track to track. Kudos to J. Morris and the Western Dynamo crew for an outstanding device… 

Bluejuice Calls it Quits

I produced an album by Australia's Bluejuice a few years back. Today they announced via their Facebook page that they're disbanding at the end of the year.


In the meantime they're releasing a compilation along with a new song or two and will be taking a victory lap tour. If you're in Australia at all it's worth it to check them out.  

All the best to these guys.

Check this one out. It holds the record for theist plays on Triple J. These guys were serious fun to work with  and this was their best song - despite the fact that I didn't work on it :).  

FREEMAN Review in The New Yorker

Great review of the FREEMAN record I produced.
The reviewer draws a few parallels to Ween's White Pepper album but somehow overlooked that I produced both. Another reason why there should be a stronger push to embed credits into digital media?…

Freeman Album Release Today!

I had such a blast producing this record. Great songs. Have a listen here:

SoundCloud Widget

Nada Surf Pics

Oddly enough, I  never "liked" the Nada Surf facebook page until now. Here are a couple of shots from "The Stars are Indifferent to Astronomy" sessions posted there…

Mathew lent me the Euphonix MC mix to use during the session. After we finished the record he gave it to me and the band let me have the Apogee ensemble - both of which I still use. I still thank Mathew every time I see him  for the MC Mix. It saved me from the carpal tunnel syndrome I had from constant trackball use. Faders rock!

Fiddling with a guitar overdub…

Fiddling with a guitar overdub…

Notice that I'm using my 2006 Macbook Pro (w/ an Apogee interface on the table). The black thing resting on the wire rack in front of me is a soft case containing a pair of Daking Mic/Pre's / eqs and a pair of Distressors.) The overdub booth is under the stairs.