Chris Shaw

Producer Mixer Engineer

For Booking information contact:
Adam Katz  | Next Wave Mngmt.

Nada Surf Pics

Oddly enough, I  never "liked" the Nada Surf facebook page until now. Here are a couple of shots from "The Stars are Indifferent to Astronomy" sessions posted there…

Mathew lent me the Euphonix MC mix to use during the session. After we finished the record he gave it to me and the band let me have the Apogee ensemble - both of which I still use. I still thank Mathew every time I see him  for the MC Mix. It saved me from the carpal tunnel syndrome I had from constant trackball use. Faders rock!

Fiddling with a guitar overdub…

Fiddling with a guitar overdub…

Notice that I'm using my 2006 Macbook Pro (w/ an Apogee interface on the table). The black thing resting on the wire rack in front of me is a soft case containing a pair of Daking Mic/Pre's / eqs and a pair of Distressors.) The overdub booth is under the stairs.