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The Engineer's Elvis

I was elected to the Board of Govenors of the Texas chapter of the Grammys a couple of months ago and the first big event I participated in was yesterday - a salute to audio legend and Texas resident Rupert Neve. Rupert's contribution to the audio world cannot be overstated. If you were Claude Monet then Rupert would be the man who invented blue paint. 

  Also in attendance were two other engineering legends - Alan Parsons and Geoff Emerick. Amongst other albums Alan is most well known for recording and mixing Dark Side of the Moon. If that were the only thing he did he would still be cemented in audio history. 

  Geoff Emerick of course was the recording engineer for the Beatles. He started out as an assistant in their early days and at the ripe old age of twenty became their chief engineer. On the first day in this new position he recorded "Tomorrow Never Knows". Let that sink in for a moment. 

   It was an incredible afternoon. I met him briefly and was only able to ask him for the opportunity to take a picture. I was completely star struck to say the least. 

Oh yeah. It was Rupert's 91st birthday and they baked him a cake that was shaped like a 5088 console. As he cut into it he said "this is quite possibly the sweetest console I've seen".









Partner "Everyone Knows You're High", "Sex Object"

I mixed this a while back. If you're a Weezer fan, you're welcome…
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oeksound Soothe

This plugin works miracles on vocals with annoying hi freq resonances (and I'm not talking about de-essing). No more automating notch EQs. I wish I got it before I started mixing the project I'm on now instead of getting it in time for the last mix.

Trust me. Demo it. Buy it here.

Thank me later.

The day after the election…

"While preachers preach of evil fates
Teachers teach that knowledge waits
Can lead to hundred-dollar plates
Goodness hides behind its gates
But even the President of the United States
Sometimes must have
To stand naked.

An' though the rules of the road have been lodged
It's only people's games that you got to dodge
And it's alright, Ma, I can make it."

Disk Cataloging - Find Files on Any Drive

Sometime last week was International Backup day. If you're anything like me you're pretty religious about backing up all of your session data but do you know which backup disk holds the data for that session you did three years ago?

I don't like to hawk software in general but this program has been a lifesaver. NeoFinder (formerly known as CDFinder) catalogs every file on every disk you throw at at it - including network drives. It sits on your menu bar and you can search for any file on any disk you have whether it's mounted or not (as long as you've cataloged it of course). The other thing I like about it is that it will also catalog the contents of ZIP and DMG files; very handy when searching for an installer for an old plugin that you're looking for.

NeoFinder has been pretty invaluable for me. I'm constantly shuffling around ProTools sessions from my current work, backup, and archive drives. Before deleting anything I always do a search in NeoFinder to make sure that it is backed up on at least two other drives. Cataloging a drive is easy. Once installed you can select a drive from within NeoFinder itself or you can right click the drive and under "Services…" select "Catalog Folder with NeoFinder". The cataloging process only takes a minute or two. If you want, it can also catalog all of your CDs and DVDs. I'm only scratching the surface of what this program can do.

The downsides: The initial cataloging of all your disks will take a while. You also have to remember to periodically catalog all your drives to keep up with and changes you've made. If you have a lot of "deep" storage drives this shouldn't be an issue as you probably never change their contents but updating all of your drives  periodically is a good idea because you should always spin up and mount your drives to keep them from locking up from long periods of inactivity. It's also a bit pricey - $39.99 for a single private license. But if it saves you ten or so minutes every time you go looking for a file it will pay for itself in lost billable time pretty quickly. If you catalog a client's drive before sending it back to them you 'll come across as a genius when they call you looking for a file and you tell them exactly which folder on their drive it's located.

Do yourself a favor and just get it.



George Martin

A giant of music both behind and in front of the glass has left us us. 

I won’t go on about how he influenced me and others but I’d like to share a short story.

I was working at AIR Studios Lyndhurst a while back with Guillemots. One afternoon our assistant got off the phone and said that George would like to show someone the studio and would we mind a short interruption. Coincidentally, moments before, we stumbled upon a dry erase board that was used on the Paul McCartney record that had just finished recording a few weeks prior.

Sir George walked in the room and introduced himself to everyone with that large distinctive voice of his, shaking everyone’s hand. The assistant introduced me to him and he said “Ah yes, Chris, I’ve heard your work.” (In my head I was thinking “no, you haven’t, NO. YOU. HAVE. NOT!) Outside I was projecting as calm a demeanor as possible given the fact that I was meeting one of my biggest influences.

He proceeded to show a couple of people the control room and walked them into the live room and after about two minutes he pardoned himself for the interruption and left. The band was besides themselves and after a few moments they looked at me and said “How could you be so calm after that?” I asked the assistant “Do me a favor, go outside in the hallway and let me know if George is close by”. “No, he went back upstairs to his office”. Me: “Good…………… HOLY SHIT THAT WAS GEORGE MARTIN!!!!!”

Thanks George…

Nada Surf "Cold to See Clear"

Hey there. Check out Nada Surf's new single from their upcoming album "You Know Who You Are". Mixed by the guy who writes this blog… Love these guys. They're about to go on tour soon so do yourself a favor and go see them (after buying their record of course).

The official video for Nada Surf's "Cold To See Clear" from their album 'You Know Who You Are'. Available on Barsuk Records (US/Canada) and City Slang (Europe) on March 4, 2016.

Baby Spiders EP

Check out this EP I mixed for my friends Baby Spiders. Tony and Rob are former members of Lotion. This is a cool little EP. You can buy it (pay what you want but please pay something).

I really like how Summer Triangle came out. Lots of grindy organ sounds via a gtr running through a POG.

Thanks too Stephen Ceresia at Stonyfield Mastering for the great mastering job!

Listen here…