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The Engineer's Elvis

I was elected to the Board of Govenors of the Texas chapter of the Grammys a couple of months ago and the first big event I participated in was yesterday - a salute to audio legend and Texas resident Rupert Neve. Rupert's contribution to the audio world cannot be overstated. If you were Claude Monet then Rupert would be the man who invented blue paint. 

  Also in attendance were two other engineering legends - Alan Parsons and Geoff Emerick. Amongst other albums Alan is most well known for recording and mixing Dark Side of the Moon. If that were the only thing he did he would still be cemented in audio history. 

  Geoff Emerick of course was the recording engineer for the Beatles. He started out as an assistant in their early days and at the ripe old age of twenty became their chief engineer. On the first day in this new position he recorded "Tomorrow Never Knows". Let that sink in for a moment. 

   It was an incredible afternoon. I met him briefly and was only able to ask him for the opportunity to take a picture. I was completely star struck to say the least. 

Oh yeah. It was Rupert's 91st birthday and they baked him a cake that was shaped like a 5088 console. As he cut into it he said "this is quite possibly the sweetest console I've seen".