Chris Shaw

Producer Mixer Engineer

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George Martin

A giant of music both behind and in front of the glass has left us us. 

I won’t go on about how he influenced me and others but I’d like to share a short story.

I was working at AIR Studios Lyndhurst a while back with Guillemots. One afternoon our assistant got off the phone and said that George would like to show someone the studio and would we mind a short interruption. Coincidentally, moments before, we stumbled upon a dry erase board that was used on the Paul McCartney record that had just finished recording a few weeks prior.

Sir George walked in the room and introduced himself to everyone with that large distinctive voice of his, shaking everyone’s hand. The assistant introduced me to him and he said “Ah yes, Chris, I’ve heard your work.” (In my head I was thinking “no, you haven’t, NO. YOU. HAVE. NOT!) Outside I was projecting as calm a demeanor as possible given the fact that I was meeting one of my biggest influences.

He proceeded to show a couple of people the control room and walked them into the live room and after about two minutes he pardoned himself for the interruption and left. The band was besides themselves and after a few moments they looked at me and said “How could you be so calm after that?” I asked the assistant “Do me a favor, go outside in the hallway and let me know if George is close by”. “No, he went back upstairs to his office”. Me: “Good…………… HOLY SHIT THAT WAS GEORGE MARTIN!!!!!”

Thanks George…