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Beauty Pill

Posting this from December because I said I would (this album will be released out tomorrow):

Dec 13, 2014
Sadly, I rarely have the time to sit down and actively listen to a record in it's entirety unless I'm working on it in some fashion. Yesterday, Chad Clark, a person I only know through Facebook, forwarded me the new album by his band Beauty Pill (Beauty Pill Describes the Way Things Are) and I spent the past hour listening to it. To say it's incredible would be an understatement. It is sonically immersive, lyrically provocative, and once finished left me feeling way more optimistic about music in general.

You can order it here:

Modest Mouse Mix

Here's a track I mixed on the new Modest Mouse record.
Produced by Andrew Weiss whom I've done a couple of Ween records with.
One listen to the song and it'll be obvious why they wanted us to do this track…


A Kramer Story

My brother David is  a friend of legendary Shimmy-Disc producer Kramer (just go here to read his extensive discography). Today Dave sent me this email…

Forgot to tell you this. Kramer was in town for a gig last month. I missed the show, but met him for lunch the next day. We were getting caught up, and he asked how you were doing. I told him you had moved to Austin, had the home studio, etc. He said "I've been following him all these years, ever since you told me he wanted to be an engineer/producer. It looks like he ignored every bit of advice I offered. Good for him."

Me, Yoko, The Flaming Lips, and Dave Fridmann…

Ahh, it's that time of year again…

I've always been a fan of The Flaming Lips. I've met Yoko once or twice, and I did a AES panel with Dave Fridmann a few years ago. We all finally collaborated (via file sharing) on this cover for Amazon's Xmas compilation "All is Bright" - a streaming playlist for Amazon Prime members.
I recorded Yoko's vocals for this last month in NY.


Cableguys Volume Shaper 4

I'm a big fan of this plug in. They've updated it to V4 and it now has multiband capability. It works really well as a MIDI gate which is how I use it most of the time.

Check it out…

Shape the levels of any audio signal in pinpoint detail. MORE INFO AND FREE TRIAL: From multiband sidechain compression effects to extreme gating, from tempo-synced stutter to precise sample-shaping - VolumeShaper provides a wealth of creative musical effects with a visual approach to volume.

File Under "Why wasn't this done sooner?"

Somebody figured out how to turn an inexpensive Behringer BCR 200 into a killer realtime step sequencer… (via

This is a short introductory video for the Zaquencer Firmware. This turns the Behringer BCR2000 into a standalone hardware MIDI step sequencer (independent of PC) with 32 steps, 4 Tracks, flash storage for 192 patterns and many more features. The firmware is OUT NOW as a digital download for 69 Euro.


This bad boy's about to get some upgrade love via some parts ordered from Vintage Vibe.

A shield for the reed bar (goodbye hum!) and a variable rate/depth tremolo mod. Can't wait